Such a beautiful poem!



This strange reality has taken hold

A solitary soldier left alone in battle

Given the choice to stand and fight

Or collapse under the weight of gravity

Tides bring a raging surf to uproot

Lightning strikes like an electric serpent

The skies mock with cruel condescension

While the universe looks on with glee

A blazing sun sets after a long day

Of shedding light on imperfections

Giving this warrior a fighting chance

To set deeper roots under quiet moon

An ally is found and a deal is struck

A lunar compatriot to fight alongside

One that chases away the angry sun

And has complete control of the tides

A singular combatant no longer

These mighty champions seek glory

Changing desperate fortunes of war

Into brilliantly lit new circumstance

Solid and sturdy presence on the ground

While Luna commands the infinite skies

Sol and the seven seas shrink away

The world witnesses a new power rise

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