Lowering Oxalates – The Cure for Fibromyalgia?

Hmmm… I wonder if this could work for me.

Fibromyalgia Stinks

It’s been a while since my last post. I came across what I believe to be the root cause of my Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. By making a change to my diet, I found immediate and sustained improvement to my condition. Before I shared this information here, I wanted to give it a few months of trial and error to make sure that I wasn’t experiencing some sort of placebo effect. It’s been long enough now to know that this may be the trick to keeping the condition under control.


A few months ago, I was on a photography forum and came across a post from a woman who I seemed to have a lot in common with. We had both recently quit our full-time jobs as analysts in the corporate world because we were unable to function at work due to illness. We had similar goals and aspiration to make a…

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