A Letter To Myself- For The Next Time I’m Mad At My Husband

Just had to share this! I may have to write one of these myself!

Yes, I Really Did Just Say That.

I was sitting in my backyard with my girlfriend today, watching my kids swim, and I noticed my husband working his butt off. We ladies were sitting in the shade, drinking iced coffee, on padded adirondack chairs, girl-talking, and enjoying some leisure time. By the way, did I mention it was 108F today? It was hot. And I thought to myself “remember this moment the next time you’re mad at him; he works so hard to provide and serve you and your family,” and that lead me today to write this letter to myself, to be read the next time I’m mad at my husband.

I don’t always give him a fair shake. I’m not always reasonable. And in the heat of the moment, I can sometimes forget how extraordinary he really is, as a man, friend, dad, and, most of all, husband.

Dear Me,

I wanted to write this…

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