Autumn Fade


Crumbling leaves
Caught up in webs
Dangle down
By the water’s edge

Wisps of wind
Scatter lost vibrance
Leaving behind traces
Of faded brilliance

Fragile clusters
Find safe harbor
Hiding in crevices
Of nearby arbors

Such fragments are
The memories of life
Reminding us of
Pain and strife

Natures curse
Flourishes once again
A dismal season
Now begins

Pieces of a masterpiece
Flitter away
Remnants of
A forgotten yesterday

By, Michelle Cook

8 responses to “Autumn Fade

  1. Love it Michelle, beautiful writing.

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  2. Beautiful Michelle!! 🍁

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  3. Wow, I love this so much! The beautiful visuals and hard truths of life are quite profound. Keep us the nice work, my friend!

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  4. Thank you Ron, you are too kind! 😉

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