Ten things I’ve learned or realized in the last week…


Ten things I’ve learned or realized in the last week:

1. I need to switch to regular coffee instead of decaf, if I’m ever going to finish NaNoWriMo successfully.

2. Barometric pressure has a negative impact on my body and I am starting to feel the effects of this as the weather begins to change from one season to the next.

3. My house will never be as clean as I wish it could be.

4. Sandwiches serve as a quick easy meal when writing is consuming one’s soul.

5. There are actually moments when I really don’t want to write, but I do it anyway to reach my goal.

6. Even walking through a neighborhood can be a wonderful adventure.

7. Stamping real flowers into ink can create beautifully painted pictures.

8. True friends are closer than I once thought.

9. It’s okay to make mistakes and I need to allow myself a little more grace.

10. I am obsessed with candy Nerds and need to ease up before my tongue turns a permanent shade of pink or purple.

21 thoughts on “Ten things I’ve learned or realized in the last week…

  1. I love number five, Michelle, and it’s so true. Even when we don’t feel like writing, we must force ourselves to do it, to power through it. I always feel better after I’ve written for awhile. Also, number eight.:) You and I are like minded and genuine friends. I’ll always cherish our friendship. ((((Hugs))))

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    1. It is pretty obvious that I wasn’t quite awake when I wrote this. I’m surprised that I’ve even kept up with the Writing 101 class at all! 😉 And yes, #8 is a wonderful surprise. True friends are so rare and it’s exciting when you find one! 🙂

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