The Secret


The Secret

Part of her soul died that cold dark day
And now she kept a tragic secret
That would never go away

She wondered for years what people would think
Would they blame her
For this terrible mistake?

So many times she cried in silence
Hoping and praying
For some sort of guidance

She blamed herself for being in the wrong place
And felt like a complete
And utter disgrace

She wanted to be free of this burden she kept
Weary and tired
She wept and wept

As the years passed by she tried to forget
But the pain and the suffering
Just wouldn’t relent

Heartbroken from this pain that another had inflicted
Her mind was a mess
And deeply conflicted

One day her sorrows were just too much to bear
And she just couldn’t face
Another cold stare

She had looked so many places seeking comfort and hope
And now she was at
The end of her rope

In the darkness of the night she cried out for a friend
And to her great relief
Somebody entered in

She felt His presence all around
As she continued to weep
On the cold hard ground

Lifting her eyes she spotted a light
Glowing brightly in the darkness
Almost hindering her sight

It was the brightest light she had ever seen
And she felt as if
She were in a real life dream

Shielding her face from what looked like a bright star
She heard a gentle voice
Whispering from afar

His comforting words gave her new hope
And left her feeling
As if she could now cope

Wrapped in the warmth of a loving embrace
She now knew
There was something called grace

He loved her regardless of her terrible choices
And freed her from the pain
And the deceitful voices

Finally able to break free from the past
She relinquished the enemies hold
And moved forward at last

Now she is happy and faces each day
Those terrible memories
Have finally faded away

Written by, Michelle Cook

3 responses to “The Secret

  1. Amazing grace 🙂

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  2. Some people find Him only at the end of their rope, and blessed they are!

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