Veteran’s Day Beckons…

A beautiful piece of writing and one that I am proud to share. Please visit Dustin’s blog, he is a fantastic writer!


Week Six of class taught the importance of description applied to world-building. In preparation for the assignment, we were asked to go to any location where we wouldn’t be interrupted and fully immerse ourselves in the intimate details of nature and to write about the experience. I chose the park down the street from us, aptly named, Veterans Memorial Park.

As writers, we need to learn to train ourselves to hone in on the little details, as well as the big ones.

The Sleep Firm’s demise is imminent, and it stands on the corner of Auburn and Park. Around the corner is a modest apartment complex with a charcoal grey trim. The railing is dirty white. Separating the closest apartment is a small trellis with many large X imprints making it stand out. Further down, however, the railing itself is a light brown, while the siding is darker.

Below is…

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  1. I have no words.:) Thank you for sharing.
    I feel humbled.

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