Tip #34: How To Write Fiction (step-by-step)

Very useful information. If you’re finishing up your novel for NaNoWriMo, this could be of great use to you!

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You probably know how to write fiction from your reading. It’s not a conscious activity for you. But there are times when the words refuse to flow naturally. This post should help when such a catastrophe occurs, giving you a template to work from.


-Gerald rode into Winchester with his feet dangling down his horse’s flanks, toes resting lazily on the stirrups. Could he honestly call it a town? The state of the streets made him want to turn his eyes away. Sewage ran as a thick brown slurry down a channel in the centre of the street, raining down from windows overhead. Wretched figures in ripped tunics shambled into his path, raising their grubby hands to beg for coin.-

The simplest way to open a chapter is with one paragraph which sets the scene. Your last chapter could have been set anywhere at any time. Show the reader whose eyes…

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