Tip #7: Writing Historical Fiction and Fantasy

A must read if you are writing historical fiction!

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There are two reasons why I’m discussing historical fiction and fantasy in the same post. Firstly, when it comes to fiction they’re the main genres that I read and write. Secondly, there are incredible similarities between the two.

One is draws occasional details from real life and fills in the blanks with imagination, and the other is fantasy.

“But that’s incorrect!” You exclaim, scandalised. “There are hundreds of books on Tentieth Century history alone.”

“You’re right.” I admit. “And how many of those concern the life of Maude Merrypond, a fisherman’s wife from rural Hampshire?”

To write historical fiction and fantasy, you take some details from the past or present and use your creativity to expand on them. The finished result is a compelling story. You might set your historical novel in Henry VIII’s court or base your fantasy universe on Tudor England, but with elves and dragons thrown into…

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