Another potential goodbye…


Farewell to the days of the past

The days when consistency seemed to last

Looking to the future now

Not quite sure the way or how

There’s got to be a way

For you to be convinced to stay

Goodbyes can be so hard

But I can’t let down my guard

I’ve got to take each day as it comes

Despite what life may become

You know I’ll stick with you

There’s got to be a way to get through

It never gets any easier though

And I really don’t want to see you go

Say you’ll change your mind

Or we might end up realigned

I don’t want to take that chance

Can’t you hold out for a better advance?


Written by, Michelle Cook

17 responses to “Another potential goodbye…

  1. Beautiful lines Michelle.

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  2. “Farewell to the days of the past
    The days when consistency seemed to last”

    I just loved that line! Great poem!

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  3. I can’t imagine what soldiers endure when they say goodbye to loved ones. It was a somber and beautiful poem.

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  4. Well at least this separation will be by choice if he takes this other job… So many of our friends have faced a lot more deployments than we have… It’s especially hard on the kids…

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  5. For your sake as well as your kids, I genuinely hope he doesn’t reenlist.

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  6. No, he actually retires in less than five years so he is past his last reenlistment. He’s considering a job at a facility in Virginia though and if he takes that military position, then we would be separated for quite awhile. Probably at least a year before I would move out that way.


  7. Oh, my misunderstanding. Oh, no, that’s not good. It’s probably a good job and everything, but the separation would be very hard.

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  8. Yes, it would be a very good job and he really wants to get a promotion before retirement. So he pursuing this job for that reason. We will be better off in the long run if he does this, as long as we can deal with another long separation. We always do though… We spent our first year and a half away from each other when he was oversees and we have had numerous separations since. So nothing new there…


  9. I can totally understand the desire for a promotion. I can’t imagine enduring the numerous and lengthy separations. I have all the respect in the world for you two!!

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  10. It’s ok… I’m used to it… and because I used to be in the Army myself, I completely get it…

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  11. I don’t doubt that you’ve become accustomed to it, especially since you were in the Army yourself, I’m just saying that I could never do that, and I think you’re awesome!

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  12. You’re always welcome, buddy!

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