Whimsical spirited intriguing thoughts
Gather momentum in the mind
Creating intense perplexing images
Which resonate most often with the unconfined

Magical meetings and creative greetings
Are at the mercy of the innovative author
Simple pleasures are aligned with the fulfillment of treasures
Sometimes creating passion and overwhelming desire

Sparks often fly and worlds have been known to pass by
All in an attempt to bring unhindered amusement
Even the simplest of words can bring about expectations
Leaving the reader caught up in vigilant anticipation

Hearts are often warmed and then unexpectedly left abandoned
While the writer revels in determining the outcome of the plot
Capturing the essence of the story can be an arduous task
A gratifying fantasy is usually unpredictable and often unsurpassed


Written by, Michelle Cook



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7 responses to “Storytelling

  1. The nice prose of storytelling 😊

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  2. I love your homage to the difficult task of storytelling!

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  3. Ah. You sound like a fantasy writer! Great poem and I love the image you picked to go with it. 🙂

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  4. Well, the book I just started writing is a fantasy. Haven’t gotten very far though…. Only about 2,000 words. I decided I needed to write about something that I would like to read myself.

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  5. Of course. That’s exactly the book to write 🙂

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