What can I say
What can I do
My heart is completely
Torn in two

Every day
Worse than the next
This spider’s web
Just too complex

Sunlight filters in
At arbitrary times
I hold my breath
And close my eyes

Encouraged by the light
I’m filled with hope
And given the strength
To somehow cope

Yet as the day
Draws to a close
I find myself afflicted
By formidable repose

Every ounce of my being
Is painfully compelled
To give up hope
I’m simply overwhelmed

Giving up now
I know I will not gain
I will only bring
More heartache and pain

Realizing the path
No easy way through
I need to break free
And run to you

Unprepared and hurting
By the anguish I feel
My only thought now
This can’t be real

Written by, Michelle Cook



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4 responses to “Anguish

  1. We go through so many emotions and thoughts – it was nicely captured in your poem.

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  2. We certainly do… thank you.


  3. Such a lovely poem. Every stanza stays true to your title. I especially like:
    “Every day
    Worse than the next
    This spider’s web
    Just too complex”

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