The One for Me

I may not be the most popular

 The world for me, is just too secular

 In a world of needing to fit in

 It normally comes to accompany sin

 If fellowship means the changing of one

 Then I am dead, the curse is done

 What can save us from these temptations that thrive

 The light from above that keeps us alive

 What kind of fellowship dies on a cross

 For our wickedness and eternal loss

 Who can call the tax collector friend

 Who saves the broken from the fiery end

 The one that walks on waters so deep

 Lies in our hearts through the tears we weep

 A light to guide us in the night

 Who takes us on wings into flight

 This love means much more to me

 Than a million friends that do not see

 I have seen His love, His light

 I am no longer blind for He has given me sight

Written by, ~Amy Cook

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2 responses to “The One for Me

  1. Beautifully written, Amy 🙂

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  2. Thanks D! I will pass this on to her. 🙂

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