Timeless Love


Excitement builds
As you wait for the day
To see your old friend
On an arranged holiday

As the day draws near
You become quite giddy
You plan to meet each other
In a faraway city

Questions cross your mind
And you’re apprehensive
You can only wonder
If she’ll find you offensive

When the day finally comes
A strange pit forms in your gut
You know you must play it safe
No matter what

Shaking in your boots
You pray she still finds you attractive
Considering your age
You hope she’ll be adaptive

Stepping off the plane
You see her slender form
She smiles and waves at you
From the small open door

More questions flood your mind
About what she’ll think
Will she still want you
Or will this be a huge mistake

You clutch the flowers tighter
A bouquet bought just for her
She begins to run to you
And all becomes a blur

Tears quickly emerge
You’ve captured her awaiting heart
Instantly you wonder
How you ever made it apart

Clutching one another
As if your life depends on this embrace
You both feel emotions
Which cannot be erased

Neither one of you
Can hold back the steady stream of tears
The warmth of her body
Erases all your fears

Finally you know for certain
She’s always been the one
You eagerly kiss her lips
And look forward to some fun

She reciprocates your affections
And smiles in satisfaction
Nothing can thwart
This overwhelming attraction

It’s been many long years
Yet somehow love remained
You realize now
Your love was not in vain

Written by, Michelle Cook

This poem was inspired by this beautiful love story, which you can read here.

Special thanks to insanitybytes for sharing this story in the first place.  🙂


Photo found at: http://www.tumblr.com

5 responses to “Timeless Love

  1. Beautiful! Love conquers all.:)

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  2. I would have loved to see the reunion of this couple in person. Such an amazing story.

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  3. Advanced Research Technology

    Michelle, love your stuff… so down to earth, yet deep.

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  4. Thank you… that’s me in a nutshell right there! Lol… 😉

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