The Wisteria Walkway

Of all the sights of flora, perhaps none is more beautiful and enchanted than the Wisteria Walkway.

The very sight can make the busy mind forget its worries, thus to ponder upon the magnificence of such art and splendor.

You find yourself lost within the scent and nectar and fresh greenery, emerald in its birth.

As it towers above you in a sky of purples and pinks, you walk crippled, afraid to touch the long hanging vines of bouquets.

Words escape you like, “Pretty, amazing, and wonderful.”

But deep down you know each and every single word is pitiful and useless.

It is indescribable.

Often the thought of spring isn’t an anticipation to the hibernated mind.

Yet, a sight as crisp and new as the baby wisteria’s can awe even the hardest of hearts.

It’s curious and quite sad that even I have never seen such a magnificence, except for the few portraits and pictures, ones that are so beautiful, I envy the taker.

Perhaps one of these days I will walk upon its pathway.

For after all, portraits and pictures can only tell one so much.

It is fun to dream of the sights, sounds, and smells.

I can imagine the bees buzzing about, with chirps of birdsong.

The vines slightly shaking in the cool breeze; the waft of flowery fragrance, enough to put one into an enchanted sleep; with everything so vibrant and colorful, unable to be captured in by a single photograph.

Perhaps one day I will walk its pathway, but for now, I will still continue to dream. 


By, Amy M. Cook, age 16

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3 responses to “The Wisteria Walkway

  1. Thanks for that lovely post. I love the fresh air and the aroma of nature. I feel relaxed and inspired to get up early and explore this wonderful world. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you get to explore all the world has to offer. Take care Cally.

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  2. You’re welcome! I will pass on your lovely note to my daughter who wrote this. Have an amazing weekend! 🙂

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  3. Gorgeous and romantic. The stuff of fairytales. I love those plants.

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