Who leads you?


Who do you run to when you’ve run your last race?
Who do you go to when you can’t keep up the pace?
Who do you count on when there’s no one else around?
Who do you rely on when your feet don’t touch the ground?
Who do you know that can save you from certain death?
Who do you turn to when you cannot catch your breath?
Who do you ask when you’ve nowhere else to turn?
Who do you seek when you have a serious concern?

There’s only one I know of, who I can go to for all of these things.
He’s the one who guides my heart, and shows me his love even as he reigns.

Written by, Michelle Cook


Photo found at: christianmotivations.weebly.com

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  1. Advanced Research Technology

    I go inside and find that One. Christ in you the hope of glory.

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  2. Beautiful words!

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