Let’s be real here, we all struggle with sin. Some areas seem to be more difficult than others. This poem is about a particular sin I face more often than I care to admit. Sinning in this way, affects me emotionally and spiritually in a very negative way and although this isn’t the only sinful area I struggle with, this one seems to be the one that hurts me the most. Realizing which areas we suffer the most in, can often help us learn to overcome our daily struggles. What’s the hardest area for you and have you been able to overcome a particular sin in your life?


I am a slave to sexual sin

Impure thoughts forever dwell within

Consciously aware of my daily struggle

My mind is often filled with so much rubble

Temptation lurks in the most innocent of places

Leaving me constantly seeking God’s graces

It’s hard to admit to these struggles I face

I often feel like a complete and utter disgrace

I know I’m not alone in how I feel

I’m just trying to be open and very real

I know I will never completely win

It’s just an unrealistic dream to be totally free from sin

Fortunately for my sake Jesus paid the ultimate price

Freeing me of my sin through his loving sacrifice


Written by, Michelle Cook


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2 responses to “Sin

  1. Very honest.
    Indeed we all struggle.

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  2. We do…. it’s so hard sometimes.

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