Truth is everything


Honesty and truth
I cannot live without
Even a little white lie
Makes me want to curse and shout

Others think it’s fine
To keep living in this way
For me it is a death
That cannot be swept away

The truth will always come out
In the cold bitter end
Those terrible secrets
Just won’t rescind

If only we would realize
The cost before we lie
We would save ourselves so much grief
And life would happily go by

Instead we do just the opposite
Hoping to never get caught
And then we wonder why
Life can’t be what it ought

Written by, Michelle Cook

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5 responses to “Truth is everything

  1. Insightful and Agree 🙂

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  2. I agree. Lie for me is the worst sin. 🙂
    Great poem, Michelle!

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  3. My pleasure. 🙂

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