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Default Greatness

I am producing great things all the time.

The only thing that stands in between space and time is Me.

Is we.

It is everything that we pay attention to.

Visualize it and it becomes.

Subtle surprises, Be comes.

Be Comes as a verb.. Being.

An idea forms in a moment.

Being lasts a lifetime.

Being is your whole existence.

And is also your greatest resistance.

We yearn it, yet we purge it.

We gravitate towards it in every circumstance.

It is us.

Even when we don’t think we are seeking, we are seeking.

Constantly on the search to find the I AM. The BE.

Yet the only way to find it, is to BE.


Being YOU is IT.

Relentlessly living your TRUTH, is IT.

Persistently walking a path that only you have decided.

Is grasping each moment, in its moment, not the moments beside it.

NOW is the moment.

Its right here, seize it!

Seize it by making the best choices for you, just in this moment.

You are great!

Therefore, you are producing great things all the time.

You’re made of the stars, bits of Jupiter, Pluto and Mars.

So rich and expensive, no cost exists to define you.

So magnificent, not even your human mind can comprehend you.

But it is fact not fiction.

Your greatness prevails.

Disarm your doubts, fear and anger.

They are weapons for self-destruct.

Serving no purpose to make you feel better.

That idea is fickle, it is untrue.

Instead it eats like cancer.

You crave it like a drug.

Concentrate on love.

If you can’t feel it, then make it.

Make love to your self, deeply and attentively.

Speak sweet nothings in your ear.

Praise yourself daily.

Be the first to recognize your great.

Then expand and share your GREAT.

You are infinite.

Love Candi ❤


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