Upon awakening

The kids are all surprised

To find that the Easter bunny

Has secretly arrived

All the children delight

In baskets filled with beans

Surprised by more chocolate bunnies

Than they’ve ever seen

We start the day off right

By saying the Lord’s Prayer

Then reflect on the notion

That He is always there

Fragrant white lilies

Stand proud and tall

A beautiful reminder

Of the sacrifice paid for all

After church services

We all scurry around

Hunting for decorated eggs

Just waiting to be found

Girls twirl freely

In flowery dresses

As little boys run wild

Leaving behind messes

Since Easter day

Is finally here

We celebrate with family

Both far and near

Soon it’s time

For everyone to eat

Hot cross buns and ham

Are always a treat

Later were all worn out

From a day filled with fun

So we finally settle down

And bask in the afternoon sun


Written by, Michelle Cook


Photo credit:  ladeetdareads.wordpress.com

4 responses to “Easter

  1. Lovely traditional Easter day. We are blessed with such a chance to spend our day in this way. Love the poem; it’s traditional also, at least it’s the kind I’ve always liked with plenty of rhyme and rhythm.

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  2. Thank you… I decided to sneak in a quick poem after getting home from visiting friends today. I haven’t had much inspiration to write lately, but I’m trying my best to keep it up. Hope you had a happy Easter. 🙂

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  3. Hope you had a wonderful Easter, Michelle.

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  4. I did! Thank you! Hope yours was good too. 😀

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