The Truth Hurts.. but Lies hurt even more

I wholeheartedly agree with this! “I think those who tell the cold truth are sometimes seen as the peace disturbers, rebels when in reality these people could be the world changers of today.” Be different and make a difference!

Breathe Think Write Release

Part 1: The truth hurts..
So many half truths..
Carefully worded sentences, spoken to protect feelings?
Or just a cowardly self preservation act? Torn reasoning

Crossing that tight rope, that thin line between right and wrong
Grown folk hiding behind a sheet of disbelief.. Faking strong

We ask for the truth but who can really handle the truth?
The cold unedited outtakes…
Just the raw truth…The whole truth

The truth hurts..

Breathe Think Write Release

Part 2: ..but lies hurt even more

I was looking through some of my old stuff and I came across this poem I wrote about a year and half ago.. It’s got me thinking.

Why are we like this? People always say they want to know the truth but so often they can’t handle the truth. Is it really the truth they want or for you to tell them what they want to hear?

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2 responses to “The Truth Hurts.. but Lies hurt even more

  1. The truth may feel like a disturbance but they are the greatest lesson to have to build a strong foundation.

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