Sunset kisses

Unfulfilled wishes


Scary dreams

Amazing sights

Lonesome nights


Empty words


Somber days

Birthday cakes

Rattle snakes

Polished stones

Broken bones

Happy years

Sad tears

Flying kites

Missed flights

Charming guys


Simple pleasures

Lost treasures

Wind chimes

Difficult times

Moonlit lakes

Big mistakes

Autumn trees

Skinned knees

Starlit seas

Ignored pleas

Christmas lights

Bug bites

Cream cheese

Lost keys

Fancy clothes

Stubbed toes

Rib roasts

Burnt toast



Written by, Michelle Cook

6 responses to “Love/Hate

  1. Clever poem, Michelle. I like the way you set it up 🙂

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  2. Thanks D. Hope you’re having a good Saturday! 😊

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  3. This was very nice, I like it

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  4. Terrific contrasts, nicely written.

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