Featured Writer – Rayy Powell


Left, left, left, right, left

Left, left, left, right, left
The footsteps of the soldiers echo through the streets, the houses and shops, through empty shells.
A little girl looks through her window and knows she’s in hell
The dodging of bullets and taking cover from the bombs bring tears to her eyes
But she has to stay strong, she has to survive.
The young boy who was taken rather than drafted,
Fell in to a trap that his step farther crafted.
It’ll be good for you boy, grow some hair on you chest!’
His choices and actions put that young boy to the test.
He had to grow up fast, he had to learn to shoot a gun,
Responsibility of the highest for someone so young.
Forced to hide and ambush the enemies, throwing grenades and causing damage,
But what about the damage caused to the families, people, businesses…collateral damage?
Left, left, left, right, left
As the regime spreads like a contagion,
Infecting those few with imagination to rid the world of freedom and enslave the world as a nation
The mother who weeps over her sons dead body, found just laying in the street,
Her worst fear materializing before her eyes, screams of pain as her son laid lifeless at her knees.
Out of pain come anger and from anger, revenge
And those who are left are waiting for it to end.
The planes that fly over head are like the music of the sky,
The sounds of the machine guns and the crumbling stones vibrations of the houses are the children’s lullaby.
The little girl wont see the end of the war, nor will the young boys mother,
As the regime spreads there no more hope offer.
Now ladies and gentlemen there isn’t a war outside but we’re still losing children, cousins, brothers, friends,
When the young children are fighting the war of the ends
Standing and waiting for that war to begin.
So lets hold our hand up as a symbol of peace,
Wear out colours with pride and don’t worry about the repercussions,
Because right here right now, the fight for our freedom has begun.

Written by, Rayy Powell


For further thought provoking poetry, please visit Rayy’s blog at: HERNAMEWASPOETRY


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  1. Amazing poem. Thanks for sharing, Michelle, and introduction to a wonderful poet.

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  2. You’re welcome D… Indeed they are!

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