Fellow blogger down…

Blogging friends,

I have just recently learned that one of our blogging buddies, Teresa Smeigh (Tessa) is facing some serious health issues right now.  She is really in need of our encouraging words and prayers right now, in order to get through everything that she is currently facing.  Would you please send her a note of encouragement and let her know that you are thinking about her?  And if you’re the praying kind… please uplift her in prayer as well.  Thanks everyone! ~M


Here’s her contact info…





Or she has a contact form at :

Always A Writer

8 responses to “Fellow blogger down…

  1. You are lovely. Xxx

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  2. Prayers and peace to your friend, Michelle.

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  3. How kind and thoughtful! Thanks for letting people know.

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  4. You’re welcome IB. I was getting a little concerned. She’s been absent now from blogging for over month.

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  5. Thank you, Michelle, and bless your heart!

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  6. Thank you Dustin…. Just please pray for Tessa…

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