My Best Memories of Her


Reading books at bedtime

Was the very best part of my day

She nurtured me and loved me

And taught me how to pray

Sometimes she’d sing songs to me

All in her very best voice

She sang those songs beautifully

As my little heart rejoiced

I remember visits to the parks

Where she’d push me on the swings

Days like that we’re filled with fun

And oh… I had so much energy!

Long walks on the beaches

Inspired my deep love of the sea

She’d take my hand as we’d walk along

And I was as happy as I could be

Now that I’m much older

Those memories have started to fade

I miss those precious moments we shared

Back in life’s more innocent days

I don’t get to see her very often

Yet fond memories still abide in my heart

I’m grateful that someday in another life

We will never have to be kept apart


Written by, Michelle Cook


Love you so much mom… Have a very Happy Mother’s Day! ❤  xoxo

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7 responses to “My Best Memories of Her

  1. Michelle, this is beautiful and a perfect testimony of what your mother means to you and all that she did for you!!:) Your childhood memories are especially lovely.

    I think you’ve said what most of us can’t, to the one person that helped mold us the most.

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  2. Michelle, thank you for sharing your beautiful memories with your mom!! Now you’re making memories with your own!! ❤️

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  3. Thanks Dorinda! Yes we are! Currently everyone is asleep in the backseat. Getting closer!

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  4. Exciting!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

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