We’re Never Promised a Tomorrow


Will this be the last thing I say

Before I drift away?


For we are never promised

A tomorrow.


Time is not our friend

Nor will it ever be.


At least not in this life.


And maybe for some…

Not even in the next.



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit:  paulmundey.blogspot.com

11 responses to “We’re Never Promised a Tomorrow

  1. Tomorrow is not promised, indeed.

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  2. We just lost a dear, dear man much too soon. Your words are perfect!

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  3. You have my condolences…:(

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  4. Thank you, it’s so hard when someone leaves behind a spouse and children.

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  5. Oh my gosh, bless your heart…

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  6. So very sorry to hear that… Comfort and peace to you and the family.

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  7. Thank you. A close friend of both my brothers, I ‘ve known him 40 years perhaps.

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  8. That’s so hard…. Heartfelt hugs all around… ❤

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  9. Thanks, Michelle, he was well loved xxoo

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  10. Is there anything we can do for you?

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