First Kiss

favim first kiss

Fireworks burst forth

Across the starry night sky

As cool gentle breezes

Whisper and sigh


Jittery hands reach out

To caress and carefully hold

Affections begin to pique

And love suddenly unfolds


A mere crush on a boy

Becomes something more

As starry-eyed young lovers

Go ahead and explore


An innocent first kiss

Sends thrills of the heavenly kind

Promptly causing the world

To be completely left behind


Written by, Michelle Cook

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15 responses to “First Kiss

  1. Very romantic. Wonderful poem, Michelle.

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  2. We don’t forget our first kiss…although I felt awkward. 🙂 Lovely poem.

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  3. We really don’t… And when I came across this picture, it reminded me so much of my first kiss. I just couldn’t resist writing a poem about it. All I remember is a little boy next to us, asking his mother what we were doing. Lol…

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  4. Oh Michelle! You should join us for Romantic Tuesday’s! This is perfect ❤

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  5. Thanks Dorinda… How do I participate?

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  6. Lovely poem, Michelle. I hope your vacation is going great. And like Dorinda said, you have a wonderful talent for romance.

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  7. Thanks D… Never thought I’d ever be writing poetry, much less anything about romance. What’s gotten into me lately?!!! Lol….

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  8. What a flow of emotions! Incredible ❤

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  9. Just add #RomanticTuesday in your title. Mine is up from today so you can see what I mean 🙂

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  10. You’re welcome 🙂

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  11. Ok… Thanks! 😉

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