The Saga Continues…


The thrilling saga continues

Another exhilarating chapter unfolds

It’s a rather fascinating story

One that never quite grows old


This journey through the passage of time

Brings about moments of unexpected pleasure

Traveling to secret faraway places

Uncovering the remnants of forgotten treasure


Reveling in the incomprehensible mysteries

Of what assumably still remains hidden

Loves curse ignites a smoldering fire

One that’s unquestionably forbidden


A tale of unrivaled passion

Leaves its mark upon a once wounded chest

Plans are devised to linger longer

In the midst of a cruel and fated test


The earth erupts and shatters

Causing the anticipation of the end

And from this clear vantage point

A new chapter questionably begins


Written by, Michelle Cook

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The Daily Post/Writing Prompt – Saga

11 responses to “The Saga Continues…

  1. A book in a poem. Great, Michelle 🙂

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  2. Thanks D. Now to write the book! 😉

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  3. Michelle, this is wonderful!! Are you truly considering writing a book based on it? I think it would be awesome 🙂

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  4. Thanks Dorinda… I’m always considering new ideas for books. The problem is… I never get very far past the ideas. Lol… So many great things to write about. I just can’t seem to focus on one subject for very long. Which is probably why I’ve mostly been writing poetry lately.

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  5. I flip-flop between poetry and two novels. I drive myself crazy but I understand what you mean about focusing. I say I’m going to spend the day writing, and wind up doing 20 other things…oh well LOL

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  6. Sounds so very familiar… Oh the life of a writer! 😁

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  7. Sounds like a swash-buckling adventure mi hearty!
    Henry will be there for the booty…ahhh, I mean that in the pirate sense of the word, ahhhh, arghhh!

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  8. Lol… of course! I can imagine it would be an amazing adventure. The more I think about it, the more I’m leaning towards writing the full story. 😉

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  9. Let the words tumble.

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  10. Finding the time will be my biggest challenge. 😉

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