It Had To Be You


All my life

I searched for you

Then one day

My dream came true


I saw you from across

A crowded room

Little did I know

We’d be married soon


The way you smiled

Made my heart skip a beat

I wondered for a moment

If I could even compete


Finally all doubt

Flew out the door

As I recognized it was you

I rather adored


I can’t put into words

How I finally knew

Somehow I just realized

It had to be you


Written by, Michelle Cook

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20 responses to “It Had To Be You

  1. That’s a lovely post, Michelle 🙂

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  2. This is very sweet!

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  3. Thank you Caitlin!


  4. Sweet and so romantic. ❤

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  5. You’re welcome

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  6. Advanced Research Technology

    That’s the way it was when I noticed my wife… across a crowded room… there she was!

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  7. I knew my hubby for awhile before I actually “noticed ” him in that crowded room. Didn’t like him much in the beginning. Then something changed. He seemed different to me all of sudden, and that’s when I finally knew. 😉

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  8. Advanced Research Technology

    My wife had noticed me months before I noticed her. Her reaction was similar though: “What if I married that guy?” as opposed to “Now there’s someone I could marry.”

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  10. Lol… I think marriages seem to survive more often when it isn’t love at first sight.

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  11. Advanced Research Technology

    I wouldn’t know. 🙂 But after nearly 3 decades, I’m pretty sure this one has some sticking power.

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  12. We’re on 22 here. 😉

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  13. Ah so beautiful! ❤

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  14. Beautiful😊Love is such a special feeling.

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  15. Thanks! It really is. ☺️