Onward, Christian Soldiers



United we faithfully stand

Compelled to defend

Our cherished land


The sacrifices we continuously make

Are never once

Considered a mistake


The heartfelt bond we share

Is forever steadfast

And beautifully rare


Brothers and sisters marching together

Enduring every kind

Of destructive weather


We fight to the cold bitter end

Never leaving behind

Our trusted friend


Loyalty and valor have become our way of life

We stand together

To prevent further strife


Believing in the cause because love is what it’s about

We aim to conquer our enemies

Without a single doubt


Our strength comes from the light we carry inside

Faith is our freedom

The God of heaven is our guide



Written by, Michelle Cook


To all of my brothers and sisters in the armed forces… thank you for your loving sacrifice to this country and for helping keep the peace throughout the world.  The world is a safer place because of you.  ❤


Photo credit:  searchpp.com



6 responses to “Onward, Christian Soldiers

  1. Beautiful, Michelle. We owe them so very much ❤️

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  2. Thanks Dorinda. Yes we do…

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  3. Lovely tribute to our soldiers, Michelle.

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  4. Very nice, Michelle.:)

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