The sun is halfway asleep

Shadows on the walls

Have been creeping along

All glorious day

Time has surely escaped me

Once again it’s quiet here

Practically dead quiet

With the exception of

The occasional scream

From that of a delighted child

One who’s obviously been poisoned

By an unhealthy amount of sugar

Please don’t judge me

I try to limit her

Honestly I really do

I said no to Cheetos at lunch

And yet somehow

Without my knowledge

She has once again

Snuck a bit of candy for herself

It’s odd though

Even with children

Causing a ruckus

I still feel completely alone

And to top it all off

There’s two ginormous dogs

Just snoring away

At my feet

While I write

Then there’s the air conditioner

Working overtime

On this ninety degree

One hundred percent humidity

Fun filled day

Making a whirring noise

Which is almost

Lulling me to sleep

The hum of a mower

Off in the distance

Can also be heard

And the sound of this keyboard

Clicking and clacking

Pounding against my head

Which is already

Screaming for mercy

Yet I consider this

This to be dead quiet

I suppose for me

This is what quiet is



Written by, Michelle Cook

9 responses to “Quiet

  1. Advanced Research Technology

    psst! Michelle. Hope I didn’t startle you? 🙂

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  2. Oooh, I like this, Michelle. Wonderful imagery and beautiful use of sensory details. Love it.

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  3. Thank you D…. Wanted to try something different. 🙂

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  4. Excellent, Michelle. Keep it up!

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  5. I really like how descriptive your writing is, I can almost see what is going on in your house.

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  6. Probably helps that you’ve been to my house… Lol…

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  7. Yep, it does. 🙂

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