Change of Pace


Words escape my worn out mind

They flutter lifelessly towards the floor

Reminds me of maple seeds in the fall

Twirly birds I think they’re called

Tired is the only word I own right now

This word seems to be sticking with me today

Arms and legs feel heavy

Eyes just won’t focus

My body could be mistaken for a ton of bricks

Keep telling myself…

Wake up and enjoy the first glimpse of summer!

Still my body won’t cooperate

As it has a mind of its own right now

Leaves me to sit and wait

Somehow it will eventually change its mind

And hopefully sooner than later

I’ll be released from its firm grasp

Which keeps me from doing

All the things I love


Written by, Michelle Cook

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6 responses to “Change of Pace

  1. Fabulous, Michelle. I feel like I posted something along the same lines today!

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  2. Funny, I’ll have to take a look! 😉


  3. Hope you find some energy soon, my friend. At least you’re still creative! 🙂

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  4. Advanced Research Technology

    Twirly birds or helicopters as I used to call them, its all the same. It brings back sunny memories. They were so much fun to watch falling to the ground from my first treehouse in the maple tree.
    That was fun, but souls are not supposed to flutter to the ground. I hope yours will find that peace you are looking for soon.

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  5. Oh I’m ok. Just tired is all. This too shall pass. Lol

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