A love like this…


In his loving arms
I gently lay
Resting quietly
At the end of the day

He holds me close
Wipes a tear from my cheek
His infinite love
Is what I seek

A love like this
Is rare and true
Sought by many
Yet far and few

This love is more
Than worldly passion
Specially made
Designed and fashioned

A treasured gift
Created just for me
And It’s only him
My heart can see

Jesus… He’s everything to me…

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

8 responses to “A love like this…

  1. You’re right where you belong. Welcome back.

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  2. Thank you. I feel that… I really do.

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  3. Michelle, that is beautiful! I knew you would come back. That is how it has been for me too on occasions. God Bless jackyx

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  4. Thank you Jacky. Life is so hard sometimes. Have a blessed weekend!


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  6. That is so true! You write so well about your special relationship with Jesus. As you say “life is hard” but how hard for those who never get a glimpse of Jesus. How much you bless us all.

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  7. Thank you Oneta. I think life would be simply unbearable if I didn’t know Jesus. I cannot even fathom such a life, especially since I have had a relationship with Him since I was a little girl.

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