The Invisible Savior

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With outstretched hand He came for me.

Like a thief in the night to set me free.

This time no thief did prey, He had come to save the day.

In unbelief, my hand reached out, trying to see what this was all about.

What had happened, where could I be? Why was it so hard to see?

Rain and sleet covered me from head to toe, I was so cold and didn’t know where to go.

The outstretched hand reached deep within and pulled me out to safety once again.

Weary, but without loss of limb, I was helped to the road and then the lights went dim.

I tried to hold on, to the calmness of His voice, but all at once I had no choice.

Soon I awakened to sounds of alarm, everyone wanted to know who had pulled me from harm.

The “hand” was all that I could mutter and then I realized that I was lying in a gutter.

It took me awhile to eventually see, all that had really happened to me.

The rain and sleet was all an illusion, the blood and glass were the final conclusion.

Everyone wondered how I had managed to survive, the outstretched hand was all that kept me alive.

One thing is certain of that very day, the accident happened to show me the way.

Never again will I doubt, what real living is all about.

The outstretched hand had come for me, and now with joy in my heart I am truly set free.

Written by, Michelle Cook

Dedicated to: Sam Mall, who inspired me to write this poem.  This is about Sam’s true life account of how God rescued him.

10 responses to “The Invisible Savior

  1. That is a beautiful piece of poetry Michelle. I can see there is so much behind it too. I am glad you survived to share your story. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you so much! There is a lot behind this story, but the story is not my own. This poem was inspired by a story that was shared with me today, by a man who experienced a miracle in his life. A truly amazing story of Gods grace!

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  3. It truly is a lovely read. Thank you for sharing it with us x

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  4. Lovely poem, Michelle. 🙂

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  5. Thanks D. I think this may have been the first or second poem that I ever posted on my blog. So I wanted to share it again. I love this one too and the story behind this blows my mind. There’s a missionary at our church who shared a miraculous story with me about how he was pulled from the wreckage of a vehicle. First responders to the scene said nobody was there and somebody actually managed to free him from a mangled car at the bottom of a ravine and carried him all the way up and laid him by the side of the road. He knows God intervened that day and it gave me goosebumps listening to his story. 🙂

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  6. That is very cool, Michelle. My mom was rescued in the sea while drowning as a child. When the adults reached her, no one else was there. I’ve heard quite a few of those stories from children related to falling and being caught. I think their belief system is more open and they “see” things that adults have closed off. Love that!

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  7. Wow D… That’s so amazing about your mom! I completely believe things like this happen.

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  8. I think they happen all the time, Michelle, and we just don’t know it!

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  9. I know they happen all the time and it’s amazing when you realize it. Too many instances even in my own life, to dismiss as mere coincidence. Hope you had a Happy 4th and have a blessed week!

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