Back and forth the vicious cycle continues

As she fades a little more with each passing day

There’s one welcoming day of sunshine

And yet the next is dull and grey


She can’t keep up this façade much longer

Clearly as she shivers in the cold

Blankets cover her weary body

Yet their warmth it does not hold


She desperately wishes for knowledge

A firm answer for this unwanted grief

Yet time still manages to elude her

Running away with the essence of relief



Written by, Michelle Cook

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7 responses to “Affliction

  1. So sad, Michelle. Hugs.

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  2. Funny… I wrote this months ago and yet today it seems to be the perfect poem.

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  3. Thank you… ❤

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  4. Written with heart and soul; beautiful and sad.

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  5. Thank you ❤️

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  6. You are welcome!

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