The Endless Road



The road is suddenly dusty

My throat feels the effects

It’s getting harder to breath

On this uphill trek


I see somebody waiting

Far up ahead

Yet the road I’m on

Never seems to have an end


The distance is hazy

Only a silhouette can be seen

There’s somebody out there

Who’s waiting anxiously for me


I walk a little faster

Avoiding pitfalls along the way

Never get any closer though

Just seem headed further away



Written by, Michelle Cook


12 responses to “The Endless Road

  1. Lots of questions with this poem. I wonder who that is in the distance and why the distance doesn’t close, or if it’s already closed and the speaker doesn’t realize it. Great poem, Michelle.

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  2. Thanks D…. Those are great questions. As the author of this poem, I think I have more than one answer and yet I’m still not even sure myself.

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  3. The nearer the end, the faster it seems to go. Takes forever to reach 18, then, what happened? Eighty is here.

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  4. So true…. Where does the time go….


  5. This poem sounds like a dream. Sometimes we cannot get close to whatever we are trying to reach in our dreams.

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  6. Very true….

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  7. I think that’s kind of cool, Michelle. Not having the answers leaves us open to the possibilities 😀

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  8. It really does! Thank you…. 😉

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  9. That is how I feel sometimes too.

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  10. Thought provoking and wonderful!

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  11. Thank you! ❤️

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  12. You’re welcome! 😊 xo

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