Weak but unbroken…


Our bodies

Frail and strong


But unbroken

We look on our bodies past

The young women who carried

The heavy loads

And fired the rifles

Of fearlessness

At any who told us

Girls were weak

Not as good

We take these bodies

Turn them into hosts

For new girls to carry on

Changing and molding us



In different ways


And we whisper in their ears

As they fall asleep

Oh child of mine

You are your mother’s child

You are unstoppable


We lift them up with our words

And silently whisper prayers

To whatever deity is listening

Protect her from those

Who would shoot her down

Who would keep her

From soaring ever higher


These heartfelt words were recently given to me, by a faithful old friend of mine who served in the military with me.  Thank you M…. aka (Rugger Ducky)  You really made my day…  ❤



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  1. I really like this collection of words. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  2. Thanks so much, I’m so glad M needed this as much as I needed to say it. I remember the young woman so well, that arrived one day in the barracks. I’d already been there a couple of years, and at just almost 21, I was an old-timer.

    Already she had been through so much. But she held her body upright, and refused to be bowed or shamed by anyone. She had more to fear than any of us, but only reached out with friendship and kindness. I remember the shy, geeky young man, who was immediately smitten with her. How I sat in his room and helped him make her a mix tape to say the words he stumbled over. How I started making a daily habit of bringing her a pint of chocolate death ice cream. Hagen Daaz.

    We were all supposed to move together to Ft Lewis. Everything was in place. Then suddenly, our plans were scattered along with all of us to the winds. But we never forgot that place, those people. The ones we forged the bonds with that only those who have served can understand.

    We are so much older now. Never wiser though, because it was our youthful energy that brought us together and let us share this. Much love to M&B always.

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  3. Aww… Now you’re making me cry…. I never knew you helped him make that tape! Lol…. Oh and the ice cream…. You saved me M….. you really did! And you’re so right… none of us will ever forget those moments, the good and the bad. They made us who we are today and I remain forever grateful for our friendship, even after all these years. Love to you too M!

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  4. You’re welcome! This is what happens, when somebody writes something straight from their heart!

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  5. Michele is a lovely person and fortunate to have you as a friend. Thank you for sharing such warm memories. 🌻

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  6. Thanks Tonya… You’re amazing too! 😉

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  7. Oh, this is so powerful, Michelle. Loved the emotion and strength behind it. Not so weak, my dear. 🙂 ❤

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  8. Yes my friend who lived in the barracks with me some 20 years ago, wrote it for me. She’s amazing….

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  9. Thank you, Michele. I hope you are on the mend from your procedure last week. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. 😊🌻

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  10. Thank you… I am feeling a ton better. Still in a bit of pain, but nothing that time won’t heal. Just waiting for test results… the waiting is always the hardest part. 🙂

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  11. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I remember my husband’s grandfather–a doctor, telling me after I’d broken my arm (compound fracture) that “you can’t stop the body from healing.” The thought was comforting. Anyway, I know what you mean about waiting, but I’m sure you are healthy and well. I will be thinking of you. Take care! 💐

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  12. That is a comforting thought. And thank you… positive thoughts go a long way!

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  13. I think so, too. You’re welcome. 💛😊

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  14. This piece and the comments that follow demonstrate the love that exists in your circle. I am jealous.

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  15. I’m blessed beyond words and just hope others will be blessed as well by the people they meet here. ❤️


  16. Wonderful words, Michelle! Thank you for sharing them with us ❤

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  17. You’re most welcome Dorinda! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Words are often one of the most special gifts a person can give. 🙂

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  18. I love the way you put that and it is so true.

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  19. Isn’t it though….. 🙂