I’m happiest when I just see you…


You were there for me today

In a way nobody else was

And even though you tried to distract yourself with mind numbing technology

You were still there

For the first time in a long time, I saw you

Just you….

As we stepped into the elevator I leaned up against you

You wrapped your strong arms around me and lovingly stroked my hair

You whispered that everything would be ok

It was just you today

Who took such care to make sure that I was alright

I watched you from that hospital bed

As you tried your best to distract yourself from the seriousness of the situation

I noticed how you jumped at the chance to help me whenever I needed you

I also realized how much you really haven’t changed

Your face was a bit more stubbly today because you’ve had a few days off from work

Your skin seemed a bit darker since you’ve been working outside so often lately

Your nose is still the same perfect shape and your eyes still a brilliant blue

And yet something in your look told me how tired you were both mentally and physically

You were full of compassion and yet full of sadness at the same time

I really saw you today

The only one who has ever truly loved me and the only one who shows me what real love is

You’re so much more than I allow myself to see sometimes

You’ve been there all along and yet I’ve been so distracted

I’ve begun to forget how special you really are

Today I forgot my distractions and noticed you completely

If we could both just finally put everyone and everything else aside

And completely focus on each other again

Because honestly…

It’s you I long to see

I’m happiest when I just see you



Written by, Michelle Cook

19 responses to “I’m happiest when I just see you…

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Michelle. I’m sure these words were appreciated.

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  2. Thanks Rob…. I couldn’t get through reading it to my hubby without crying….. Lol…. I’m such a sap…. 😉 I told him he’ll have to reread it later, without the tears from me messing it up. Then he said that’s what he liked most about it, was the way it sounded when I read it to him. Then of course I started crying all over again. Lol…. Romantic at heart… 😉

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  3. What a beautiful love letter. ♥️♥️♥️

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  4. Thanks Kim…


  5. M, I do so much understand that eye opening view when you see the depth of your husband’s love as it is manifested under extreme trauma. I had no idea that my husband had such a servant’ s heart until we went through death’s shadow. Great love as described in this beautiful writing.

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  6. Thank you Oneta…


  7. Really beautiful, Michelle. Gorgeous testament to love.

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  8. Thank you D. 🙂

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  9. That was very beautiful, Michelle.

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  10. Thanks Kristie….. ❤️


  11. I somehow didn’t realize that I lost you from my followers.:(

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  12. What do you mean? Did you accidentally hit the unfollow button?

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  13. No, I just haven’t seen you but it is probably my fault as I have not been able to fully go through my follower list daily as per my norm. I just have to go through it slowly later I guess, happy to hear from you:)

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  14. Yeah me neither, but I follow over a 1,000 blogs, so it’s hard to keep up with everyone. 😉


  15. Exactly. I was doing manual checks daily but I has been so huge and I have had too much on my mind and things to do. While staying live here and setting myself up and making arrangements:)

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  16. How are you feeling? I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with you.

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  17. it’s Ok. I have been stressed and my bike had 8 spokes snap. I am down to 5 days and gone and I have to do some incognito stuff. I spent 90 minutes outside yesterday with an easy, yet hard due to weather workout.

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  18. Sounds like it’s never a dull moment 😉