Who they are…


The doctor who carefully mends

Our broken arm

The police officer who strives

To keep us from harm

The mailman who eagerly

Brings us boxes and greetings

The office worker who files

And attends too many meetings

The baker who treats us

To scrumptious delights

The flight attendant who watches over us

Making sure we’re alright

The athlete who reminds us

Of our strength and endurance

The pastor who gives us

Our blessed assurance

The missionary who shares

Compassion and hope

The therapist who teaches us

How to cope

The teacher who helps us

Learn all of our facts

The babysitter who is always

So quick to react

The fireman who often

Carries us to safety

The chef who prepares something

Wonderful and tasty

The banker who watches

Over all of our money

The waitress who never ceases

To call us honey

The dentist who keeps us

Cavity free

The mother who kisses

Our scraped up knee

The soldier who gives up

His life for all

The father who is there

Whenever we fall

The nurse who tends to us

All through the night

The God of this world

Who never lets us out of his sight



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pingallery.deviantart.com


4 responses to “Who they are…

  1. That was lovely, Michelle. Too often we take people for granted but this brings us back to gratitude. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you Kim, glad you liked it.


  3. cindyreader1

    I enjoyed that poem. Thank you!

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  4. You’re welcome!