You and I



You’re completely opposite

Of who I thought I would choose

Yet you’re goodhearted and kind

Seeking mostly to amuse

You love a good adventure

As much anyone

And occasionally you can’t resist

My pleas for a bit of fun

I can’t say I’m always happy

And yet you do try your best

To make each new day

A little better than the rest

There’s times you feel distant

And times you feel quite close

Spending time with you

Is what matters to me the most

We are completely polar opposites

And yet we still usually attract

Though we don’t always get along

We move forward instead of back

We give and we take

And we haven’t given up

Even when we find ourselves

In one of our slumps

Marriage isn’t easy

And it can be hard to get along

But standing beside you

Is where I know I belong


Written by, Michelle Cook

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4 responses to “You and I

  1. There are various ounces of romance in the truth of a pound of marriage. I doubt any marriage carries all sixteen full of romantic fun and games. I love the poem.

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  2. I love how you put that…. mind if I quote you?

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  3. Please do, M, I would love to see what you do with it.

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  4. Thanks Oneta!