Here Now

Just what I needed to hear…. Beautifully written!

The Captain's Speech

There is a lesson to be learned
from all the pages we have turned
a meaning sitting there waiting to find our grip
words that may never leave our lip
except for the promises we don’t keep
and the foggy words you need sunglasses to see
because our eyes tell the truth
and once you see them you know
you can’t take it all back
back all it take
if we could just reverse our words
heck that would be a piece of cake
but we are here now
looking at the moments hanging in the corner
and the dry ink hiding behind the counter
they have no place anymore
but you refuse to throw them out
so you keep it in
you keep it in so tight that it hurts
when you think of everything
you arrive at nothing
the checklist remains longer than before
the two-way mirror gets selective vision

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