The most important piece of all…


There are no words left to say

To make your life better

Even a heart full of wishes

Could never give you what you need

And isn’t that the most confusing part about life

The people that could help

And the people that would help

Can never be there to help

There’s nothing left to do

Except sit here and watch your life fall apart

Bit by bit and piece by piece

Watching you fall into ruin

Struggling to keep your head above the water

The ocean’s swells are violent and choppy

Leaving you gasping for air

What ever will you do?

This question arises day and night

And still forces seem to be building against you

All of your burdens and struggles

More than anybody should ever have to endure

The only thing left to do is pray

Maybe that was the beginning of this whole mess

Where everything went wrong in the first place

So many times we forget to ask for help

From the One who is the most important piece of all…



Written by, Michelle Cook

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6 responses to “The most important piece of all…

  1. Deep, sad, and heartfelt. I often forget that prayer is very healing. Glad you went back to the roots of healing. -Jennie’s-

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  2. Thanks Jennie…. I’ve learned that if I don’t, I will be miserable until I do. God has to get our attention somehow! ❤️


  3. Thank you. Hopefully! 😉

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  4. ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Boy, ain’t that the truth.

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