Just Me and You



Not sure where

This road will take me

It’s hard to have hope

For the things I can’t see


Don’t want to complicate

Other people’s lives

Yet at the same time

It’s so hard to feel so alone inside


I think it comes down

To my own selfish desire

To have all that I want

Rather than all I actually require


And yet sometimes I feel like

I should have more

From the man I’ve truly loved

And have always adored


I’m willing to give this

Everything I’ve got

The years we’ve spent together

Have not been for naught


We’ve been together

Through the best and the worst

So I know that somehow

This mess can be reversed


I suppose time will be

What yields a new beginning

And eventually we will figure out

All that we’ve been missing


This road will still be long

And at times hard to travel

But I really want to stay on it

Before everything unravels


We’ve come too far

To leave things this way

I’d hate to see our lives

End up in complete disarray


There’s just got to be something

More we can do

We’ve just got to find a way back

To just me and you



Written by, Michelle Cook

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