Her Fortress of Solitude


Plagued by daily thoughts

Of disorganized whimsy

She’s forced to relegate to a chair

That’s tattered and flimsy


Shoved into her hand

Is a warm cup of black tea

In the other hand a pen

And a notebook on her knee


Sipping the day away

With an intense look of determination

Sometimes random smiles appear

Others times grimaces of frustration


Secretly she knows

The story which she’s telling

She only hopes that others

Will one day find it compelling


Carried far away

By all of her imaginative thoughts

She fervently scribbles down words

Ever assessing the plot


Biting her lower lip

She stares out the window

Very carefully considering

Who will be her hero


Time ticks away

And she’s oblivious to the passing hours

All she can think of

Is who she’ll entrust with superpowers


Every decision must be impeccable

And scrupulously thought out

She’s knows there cannot be

Even the slightest bit of doubt



Written by, Michelle Cook  ☕


My husband calls my writing chair, my “Fortress of solitude.”  And so this poem was born, with that thought in mind.  

Photo credit:  http://www.gabriellasalmon.com

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15 responses to “Her Fortress of Solitude

  1. Advanced Research Technology

    The questions we are all asking ourselves at the present hour.

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  2. OMG, I love this and love that Brian calls your chair your “Fortress of Solitude,” and really, isn’t that what writing is? What a beautiful homage to the craft!:)

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  3. Thanks Dustin… I hadn’t really thought of writing in that regard until he brought it up.

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  4. Beautiful, Michelle. Writing for me is far messier and imperfect, but that desire for an impeccable product continues to be the dream. 🙂

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  5. Thank you D….. What I’ve read of your work so far, seems as impeccable as one’s work can be! 😉

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  6. Nope. I could edit forever. There comes a time to let it go, ready or not!

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  8. And he’d be wise to not challenge that fortress 😃 I hide away in my office, but they always find me lol. Great poem, Michelle!

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  9. Oh you’re too funny! It’s so true though… I’m always found wherever I am. 😉


  10. We all have our secret place of creative inspiration and it is a true gift to discover it. Love the poem =)

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  11. Yes we do! Thank you!


  12. bratsbeercheese

    Sounds like a magical place and from the words you right I can tell that it is.

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  13. It is…… 😉