Have you ever wondered where it comes from?
Have you ever wondered where it goes?
Have you ever wondered why instead of happiness,
We have so many woes?

Happiness comes from the heart you see…
It isn’t something that can be bought,
And so thankfully it’s free.

Happiness comes in many forms…
Like a kiss in the rain,
During a warm summer storm.

Or a walk in the park,
Just as the sun is setting.
Holding hands would make it even more special…
I’m betting.

Happiness may also be…
A bouncing baby on her mama’s knee.
Or a gentle smile,
That cordially invites you to stay a long while.

Happiness is found in many unexpected places…
And can certainly be found,
Among warm embraces.

Happiness is something we often take for granted…
And when we do experience it,
We sort of feel enchanted.

Is the pursuit of happiness an unrealistic desire?
I really don’t think so…
And those that have it,
I truly do admire.

So if you think that true happiness doesn’t exist…
Take a hard look around you,
I must insist.

For once you experience the thrill of what happiness can bring…
You will never again be dismayed,
By another single unhappy thing.


Written by, Michelle Cook



Photo credit:  http://www.nuttytimes.com

12 responses to “Happiness

  1. Loved the concept!!

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  2. Happiness is all around if we choose to see it. Lovely poem, Michelle.

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  3. Thanks and yes it is! 😉

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  4. Thanks Wendell!


  5. Owesome,, Never even slide in my mind,,

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  6. bratsbeercheese

    Happiness can warm the soul and make your heart flutter, something I am experiencing with my special lady….

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  7. Aww….. so sweet….. ☺️


  8. Love this. Beautiful. It made me happy.

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  9. Aww… Thank you! I’m so glad to hear that. 🙂

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