Ye Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey…

Thanks for the laugh IB….. Oh you do have a way with words…… Lol

See, there's this thing called biology...

I have an issue with cowards and the self-serving, those who flop around like fish on deck, proudly standing by the power of their conviction…. and a few weeks later completely reversing course… while once again bragging about the power of their convictions.

Politics is right up my alley then, isn’t it? It is forever like trying to stab down jello and stick it to the wall. Politics is all about ye cheese eating surrender monkeys floating around like bunch of spineless jellyfish. That’s a down right ugly mixed metaphor.

I should name the specific congresscritter who has ruffled my monkey feathers so you will all understand what I speak of, but I still dream of becoming rich and famous someday, in which case I would prefer not to have this post come back to haunt me. One never knows when they might be able to afford such things, like…

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3 responses to “Ye Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey…

  1. Congresscritter! That’s a good one.

    Thanks for sharing.


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  2. Isn’t it though! Lol…. Thanks for the follow Eli. Take care!

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  3. It really is! My pleasure.
    Do stay in touch.

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