The blue screen of death… Yeah, you know the one!


The blue screen of death

Plagues my day

From morning until nightfall

Leaving me in disarray.


Technicians with brilliant minds

Seem not to exist

For the blue screen of death

Just persists and persists.


Oh technology!

You mess with my soul

Don’t you realize I need to write

In order to feel whole?


Yes I know I could use paper

And my pen is on standby

But I’m so used to this new way

And now I really want to cry.


For now you have cost me

A million thought-out words

Because you just won’t cooperate

And it’s really absurd.


Can you please just give me a break?

Fix these glitches up real nice

Get rid of all the problems

So I don’t have to think twice.


Please take your blue screen

And figure out what’s wrong

You’re making me a nervous wreck

Can’t you just help me along?


Now I know I’m not the only one

Who feels this very same way

So get your rear in gear Apple

Before I throw this phone away!



Written by, Michelle Cook

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16 responses to “The blue screen of death… Yeah, you know the one!

  1. Did you, by chance, upgrade the phone to iOS 10? I refuse to do it. They’ve said numerous times that the new operating system was built with 7 and beyond in mind. So we folk who do not wish to change phones, are basically screwed 😞

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  2. Ha! Yes,indeed! They only thing worse than the blue screen of death is the dreaded blue smoke. We had a couple of computers give up the ghost with a little flicker of blue smoke.

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  3. Oh so true, technology oh so great but yet oh so aggravating.

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  4. Yes, I upgraded it, thinking it would help. Now I’m not only getting the blue screen of death, but the red one as well! Oh well…. at least my phone is showing some patriotism! Lol

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  5. Oh lovely! Is that what I have to look forward to? Lol 😳


  6. Indeed! 🤓

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  8. The blue screen of death. Oh no! May you bravely endure. 😀

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  9. Ha ha….. thanks! 😋

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  10. Lol! 🇺🇸🎉😉

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  11. You just wrote my words, yet much more eloquently!

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  12. Ha ha….. I had a feeling someone could relate! 😉

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  13. Troubles with your phone, my dear? hahahaha

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