It’s been “One of those weeks” 😳

Oh this is brilliant! Lisa, you really do need your very own column in the newspaper, under the humor and wit section for sure! So folks… If you need your laugh for a Friday, this will do the trick! Oh laughter… where have you been? Lol…..


I’ve had “One of those Weeks” 😟

The nice thing was Jeffrey returned from France – I’m sure after half an hour he was wishing he was back there! 😄

He walked in the door and straight into a full blown conversation that had me explaining to Fourth born that she wouldn’t just “grow a penis because she wanted to!” 😳

Third born was complaining because her school shoes fell to bits – after three weeks of wear!  Ok, I opted for the cheap ones so I guess that was my fault.  I read up everything I could find about legal rights when returning shoddy goods – because of course I hadn’t bothered to keep the receipt!  I memorised and quoted the law like a top class barrister and off I trotted to the shoe shop, like a fighter going in to battle!

The Manager took one look at the…

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  1. What a great way to start the weekend

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