It’s hard when someone you care about

Has no place for you in their life

It’s torturous when someone you love

Can’t seem to love you in return

It’s disheartening when someone you adore

Doesn’t even seem to notice that you exist

It’s discouraging to be treated like an invisible vapor

Just floating on a long forgotten breeze

Written by, Michelle Cook

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10 responses to “Invisible

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  2. Hugs M….. ❤️


  3. I feel the pain in your heart. Time for self care and trust in spirit. I love you.

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  4. Aww…. thank you Leona. ❤️


  5. Beautiful poem. Love enriches life of those who love. Don’t be discouraged..

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  6. Thank you….. ❤️

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  7. We will only be invisible if we choose to adhere but we will never be out of life when we remain loving and sincere. Release the doubts and remember to appreciate you =)

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  8. Thank you Astrid. ❤️