Rule breaker



I grew up believing

That poems needed to rhyme

Without rhythm and stanzas

I was perhaps committing a crime


Then one unexpected day

I began not to care

Looking through the window

I was lost in an intent stare


And I realized in that moment

That the rules didn’t have to exist

Even though scholarly persons

Did often persist


I began feeling the pull

To write whatever I wanted

No matter the amount of lines

I couldn’t allow myself to be stunted


So without losing another moment

I began this journey of writing

I gathered my pen and paper

And decided to write something exciting


Each day I became more eager

Than the day that came before

Because now I was participating

In something I truly adored


Nobody could tell me

I was doing it all wrong

For the words flooded my soul

Like an old forgotten song


And I finally remembered

Who I was deep inside

The girl who no longer needed

To be completely qualified


I just needed to express

Everything I’d buried in my heart

And I wish I had done this

From the very start


No longer letting others

Tell me what to do

I followed my passion

And then I finally grew


I learned to stop letting others

Continually hold me back

To take charge of my own life

Even through many attacks


And now I’m happily

Living out my dream

An amazing realization

I could have never foreseen



Written by, Michelle Cook

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9 responses to “Rule breaker

  1. Amazing words you give us and a picture you always paint inside our heads. Thank you for being you. Never stop writing what you feel inside. Don’t hold back and keep on breaking the rules.

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  2. Thanks SW….. You’re such an encouragement to me. 😉

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  3. Refreshing to air these inspiring thoughts.

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  4. Thank you! 😉

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  5. I’m so glad you found your creative, poetic voice, Michelle. 🙂

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  6. Thank you D. Me too!

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  7. Rules are meant to be broken! Rebels unite lol. Great poem, Michelle!’ ❤️

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  8. They certainly are! 😉 Thanks Dorinda! 💕

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  9. You’re welcome! 🙂

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